We provide Corrective Maintenance and Overhauling of Auxiliary Machinery on board of all type of ships.

We understand that maintenance is an expense that is not capitalized, and because of this, we offer technical support not only in Repair Services but also developing Preventive and Condition-Based Maintenance Programs, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Risk-Based Maintenance; all tailored on a case by case depending on the type of ship and her activities.

Engine Room
We provide overhauling services of auxiliary machinery using original spare parts on the following equipment, among others:

  • Air compressors

  • Refrigeration Compression-Condensing Units

  • L.O. and F.O. Purifiers and SLOP Treatment Separators

  • Pumps

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Oily Bilge Separators- Calibration and Compliance of Sensing & Monitoring Systems.

  • Valves and Pressure Relief Devices- Repair and Calibration.

  • Sea Water Desalination Equipment- Reverse Osmosis and Evaporative/Vacuum type

  • Fired and Heat Recovery Boilers -Thermal Oil Heaters and Fired Heaters.

  • Engine Room Bridge Cranes and other Hoisting Machinery on Deck. Inspection, Repairs and Testing.

  • Automation Systems- Instrumentation & Control. Inspection and Trouble Shooting and Repairs.

On Deck
We carry out Random Inspections of Performance whether Annual, Quinquennial and Spot, including Overhauling and Overload Testing of:

  • LSA Launching & Small Cranes Inspection.

  • Fiberglass Lifeboats repair and refurbishment in situ.

  • Cranes, wire ropes provision and replacement.

  • Accommodation Ladders and Equipment Inspection.

A Report is issued and signed by Competent and Certified Personnel when concluding with each one of this activities.
Davit Winches Static and Dynamic Brake Inspection and Load Testing with suitable and certified means.

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