Load testing

Lifting devices; davit cranes and winches

Load Testing

We perform Load Tests on all type of Lifting  Devices, including Ships’ Deck Cranes and Engine Room Bridge Cranes, with our certified load testing equipment. We test your equipment in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Regulations / Flag State Requirements / ILO Convention 152 as applicable.

The use of water weight bags and certified load-testing equipment ensures compliance with regulations and certifying authorities’ requirements for initial and periodic load testing. We provide certification of load test results to meet OSHA, as well as internationally recognized standards specified by most Classification Societies.

Load test using water weights for boat hoists and cranes is recognized as a safe technique since the load is applied gradually. This allows to identify and correct technical problems with the crane prior to reaching the full testing load. When the test is complete, water is just drained. There’s no need to manipulate solid weights

Inspection and overhauling

Preventive inspections, routine maintenance, corrective maintenance, and modernization service

Our qualified personnel offer preventive inspections to identify possible risks and improve the performance of your equipment. Extending a certification according to current regulation requirements. We offer preventive and corrective maintenance. Lubrication and change of wire ropes, sockets, inspection and maintenance of hydraulic systems, inspection and maintenance of electrical systems and control systems, inspection and maintenance of structures.

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